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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Dinner Time

A friend was kind enough to bring a basket full of baby food by for Jonas. Mom and Dad were appreciative but Jonas didn't seem too impressed.


Julie said...

LOL! I've never seen a kid that age with a gag reflex!

Stacey said...

That was hilarious! Poor baby!!

Kari:) said...

Jen, that is soooo adorable!! I can just see your FUN family ooohhing & awwwing over him. Your family is complete!!!
Welcome home!!!

Brooke said...

That cracks me up!!! Poor baby!

Brooke said...

That was great, thanks for making me feel bad! I can't wait to see him eat something he likes! Put a happy video on, pleasssseeeeeeeeeee. LY!

E said...

We had to mix in "fruit" with most other flavors for a while with Abel. We sort of gradually weaned him off of having to include something sweet with everything, but when we started there was a lot of "fruit mixin' in" going on. Then it was like half fruit/half whatever and then he'd finally eat normal food without the fruity/sweet addition. He did a lot of gagging at first - even really runny stuff. No idea why except that I'm pretty sure he wasn't used to anything except formula and super runny baby cereal.

What a cute video! Your daughter's reactions are priceless! What cute kids! Fun to see you guys home & enjoying Jonas!


Demer & Dana said...


I have been following your blog anonymously for some time now and it has been such a blessing to me. Thank you for sharing your adoption journey. We have just submitted our formal app for adopting a baby from Ethiopia and I have learned much from reading your blog, links, friend's blogs, etc. Jonas is precious and I am so excited for you all that he is home!

My husband and I have just started a blog of our own to do together and to record our parenting and adoption journey. I put a link to your blog on ours.

Many blessings to you and your family!
Dana in GA

Amber said...

That is a great video!!