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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Help Us Choose A Destination

Okay friends. I need you to put your thinking caps on for this one because I am seriously seeking your advice. Dustin and I are desirous of your suggestions for the destination of our tenth wedding anniversary get-away. (Can you believe TEN years this August!?) It can be anything, anywhere...... but it's got to be good.

By good I mean not snooty but also not trashy. Adventure is a possibilty but not danger (say like hubby's first suggestion of Israel. You mean during it's current conflict? Ha! I think NOT!). It can be urban or rural, outdoorsy our indoorsy. Anything fun. Oh, and romantic would be a plus (And no matter how hard he may try to sell it there will be no mixing of the celebration of our marriage vows with guns or other such weaponry. No. Matter. What.)

It would be awesome if you could give your tried and true testimony or at least one you've heard first hand from a trusted source but if you don't have that to share just tell me about your dream trip. Where would you go? What would you do?

No country is off limits (provided it's not currently engaged in an armed conflict) nor is the nearest neighbourhood B&B so long as you truly believe it would rock our world.

So, I'm counting on your help. Wow me people!


Dietrich & Amy Lusse said...

Let me tell you why this is so funny to me....
In 2007 it was our 10 yr and we had a lot of great things in the workings but we couldn't get anything nailed down...started to get frustrated. THEN God brought our desire to adopt to the front page again and pushed the great 10 yr. anniversary plans to the back. We didn't ever realize till a few months later that we had done something way better than living on a sailboat for a week...we had made the decision to bring another child into our family by adoption. And we ended up getting a trip out of it in the Ethiopia! hahaha
Just had to share. So, my husband says it's time for you guys to adopt again since you're now thinking of your 10 yr! LOL
PS Do you guys sail? Renting a sailboat for a week sounded fun to us...or going to a small island in the Caribbean. :)

the Steiger's said...

we spent our 10th wedding anniversary in Ethiopia. Yep that is right we went to get Jordan (and we had a fantastic trip).
So for you I would recoment Prague (Czech Republic) since I am from there and it is great.
love, Lenka

beBOLDjen said...

Lenka, It's so funny you mention that becaue I went to the TripAdvisor website just to look around and Prague was high on the list for destinations. I'm gonna need more info than that though. Tell me about it. Where to go, what to do??

beBOLDjen said...

Amy.... I guess we planned this better than we thought. We definitely will adopt again but we'd like to wait at least 6 mos before we start the process again so we've got time for an anniv. trip too :-) The best of both worlds!

BTW= I guess you'll have to have a SUPER SPECIAL 15 yr anniv trip!!

beBOLDjen said...

One more thing, Amy.... I had to totally laugh when you suggested renting a sail boat. It sounds so lovely and dreamy BUT Dustin and I have zilch sailing experience and would wreck a ship in a heartbeat.

Stacey said...

Jen, I have absolutely no ideas for you! We aren't very fun people at this point in our life. Most of our trips have been to CA with the whole family. Nothing romantic. We are coming up on our 9th anniversary so I may have to steal some ideas from your blog, too! Looking forward to hearing from some of the more adventurous people in your life!

E said...

Why don't you guys just get out a globe, close your eyes, give it a spin & point?! If the place sounds amazing, then go for it!

Kevin and I are coming up on 11 years in May, but we didn't end up doing anything spectacular for 10. We had always meant to go somewhere grand, but the ol' pocket book was a no go after the adoption. Hope you guys can do something amazing!

E said...

I should add, even though we didn't do something amazing...something amazing did happen in growing our family last it's all good. I'm really hoping to we can work Hawaii in this year around a business trip, but I think we have about a 1% chance of that happening. Sigh. :)

Technonana said...

So many wonderful places to choose from!!! There are many places in the states I would like to visit. And trips I have been on!!
My favorite was a trip to Paradise Island, Bahamas.
It's very romantic and there is lots to do, but only if you stay at the Atlantis Hotel..Check it out!!
The next trip I would like to take is an Alaskian Cruise.. so many friends have done this and really enjoyed it.. I just can't get Papa to go on a Cruise!

beBOLDjen said...

Thanks Technonanna, I appreciate the suggestion.

I had an aunt who lived in AK and on an island stop (Ketchikan) on the cruise circuit. I LOVED it there and wished I could hop on one of the ships and stow away for the rest of their adventure. I have a friend who did a Princess cuise to AK and SWEARS it was the best cruise ever! Go tell that Papa to start saving!!!

Teachertraveler said...

Hi Jen!

Two years ago, I went with two teacher friends (they are sisters) to Italy, specifically a place called Cinque Terre. I cannot recommend this place enough!

I'm not an outdoorsy person at all, but I actually hiked and enjoyed myself. Cinque Terre are five little towns nestled against a seaside mountainscape. There is a hiking trail that goes along each town but they are also connected by train. We stayed in Riomaggiore in an apartment which had a terrace overlooking the sea, a full kitchen, bathroom and dining room for $89 a night (and that was when the Euro was high).

We ate at a little hole in the wall (this is the part of Italy where pesto was invented), had crepes every morning, shopped for groceries with little Italian grandmas and were awaken every morning by the church bells. It was awesome.

They have vineyards close by and a train to Tuscany is only 45 minutes-1 hour. We went to Lucca and road bikes, ate gelato, drank wine and took in the ancient Roman ruins.

Here's the company we used to book our apartment:
The receptionist is from LA and very helpful.
Total cost of the 8 day trip minus airfare (with three days in Rome): $500

Hope that helps!

beBOLDjen said...

Rachel, INCREDIBLE!!!! THAT sounds AWESOME! And the price- WOW can't be beat. My grandfather's family is from Lucca and while we were in Addis we met a great Italian couple from there we'd like to visit sometime. I've got to talk with Dustin about this one. He kinda didn't want to fly to Rome only because his memories of the LONG flight to Addis which refuled in Rome w/o letting us get off are still fresh in his memory. hahahah

Pete Juvinall said...

We went to Seattle for the week (for our 10th last year); it was quite nice :). Saw a concert,took in the sites, etc. Biking in Seattle could be adventurous :). The town may not be exotic as you live a little west of though :)

Apryl said...

Seth proposed to me in Australia and told me then that we'd return for our 10 year anniversary. We are celebrating 10 years this summer and I'm not seeing it happen :) I'll live vicariously through you though, it would be a great trip--when he came out we did a two week trip along the east coast for waaaay cheap (maybe 200 dollars?). We stayed on a fab island in the great barrier reef that we found through a hostel we visited. Very low key and friendly (and cheap because that was mondo impt at the time).

I hope you are feeling better! Though you don't want to hear it, I'll be praying for you.
many hugs,

Brooke said...

Ok, my suggestion is not like any of the others- DON'T pick! That is seriously my suggestion! Subscribe to an online travel specials magazine thingy(that is the technical name) and then when you see a great deal at a place you may have never thought of- just go! J and I did that and ended up not only saving a ton of money, but lounging on the beaches in Aruba! It was in a 5 star hotel including flights, hotel, and transport to and from hotel for $1299 for the whole week! Would have never picked Aruba, but it picked us and we LOVED it. Just a thought!