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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Major No-No

I have a confession to make. I made a HUGE mistake.

For those of you who don't know my husband personally you'll just have to take my word for it when I tell you that he has a favorite hat (You can see him wearing it in this post here. I don't even know what the hat would be called for sure... news boy cap? Who knows. If you do know please enlighten me.) It's not just an ordinary hat, as Dustin would tell you himself. It was made in Scotland and it belonged to his great grandfather who gave it to him while he was still alive. The same great grandfather who graces the wall of our hallway in a large print of the above photograph taken when he still owned his pumping station. There he is smoking a cigarette leaning right on the fuel pump giving the camera a wink. Mr. Safety himself. He died shortly after Dustin and I were married.

The hat has some major history for me and Dustin. He was wearing it the night I first ever laid eyes on him and he sure looked handsome to me!! I loved the hat, too, and the history that went along with it (even if over the years I've grown to see that hat worn with many an outfit I didn't necessarily think it matched with.... minor details.......)

Well, folks I accidentally went and washed the hat. It was mixed in with all the clothes that were in the suitcase and I never noticed it when I was sorting the clothes into the laundry baskets. Did I mention it was a 100% wool cap? YUP. Now it fits Ally's head. She looks pretty cute in it actually. I've taken to calling her Oliver Twist when she's wearing it. And, of course, I am trying to teach her to say , "Please, sir, may I have another?" in her best English accent, which is pretty entertaining and all, but somehow I don't think it makes up for the major loss Dustin has experienced.

When he discovered the shrunken mess he walked in and calmly stated. "you shrunk my hat. Aren't you even going to say sorry?" I was thinking it was simply another one of his ba-jillion baseball caps with our company logo on it. No big deal, go grab another from the stash. I thought.

"No! Who cares!?"

GAAAASSSSSP! A look of shock went over his face. The betrayal!! The horror! "What kind of woman is she anyway?" He must have thought.

When it finally dawned on me that it was THE hat we were talking about I felt terrible. I don't think I've groveled nearly enough yet. Poor husband.


kangaj1 said...
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kangaj1 said...

So sorry, Jen! Please give your hubbie a "so sorry you lost your hat" hug from us. :)
Melissa Juvinall

Julie said...

That is horrible. But at least it still fits someone. Tell him he can pass it down to his new son - maybe that will make him feel better :-)

Suz... said...

great picture of Dustin's great-grandfather. sorry about the hat!

Kim said...

Oh my gosh that is really bad. I mean really. Did i say really? i did the same thing I lost a recipe that was written by gary's grandfather the last time he saw him in South Africa before he died. I found a way to make up for it by typing a new recipe and framing it with a nice frame collage with words of memories and pictures of his grandfather, it helped but the sting of my mistake stung for a while. I ended up finding it several years later!! He misplaced it I didn't even loose it the first place!! I know the hat and it was a nice hat.

Anonymous said...

Oh, how sad. I always loved giving him a hard time for that hat. Now, whatever will I tease him about? Send my blessings and remember how large God's Grace really is, and how it covers a multitude of mistakes!

Theresa said...

Oh Jen, I think I would have cried! Poor guy. Give him my sincere regrets.

The picture is great. I love old pictures and ancestry stuff.

Thanks for stopping by.
Love T

Anonymous said...

Dustin - I can feel for you man. Let me know if you need to have a guy cry. Women just don't understand these things.
Its kinda like our 1st fight (ok not exactly, but I'll tell you anyway) shortly after we got married when Julie through out one of my many Outdoor/survival catalogs that had the pair of boots that was on sale that I was going to order (mind you this was in the pre-internet days.
Jen, I don't think you will ever live this one down.

beBOLDjen said...

Dustin posting here:
I am so happy everyone cares about my hat. Thanks for the comfort but many years of sorrys needs to come from my wife before i get over the sting of losing it!! ;)

I do find comfort in the fact that this post about my hat has broken the record number of comments on Jen's blog.

BTW Mark, what is a guy cry? I don't do that stuff.

Note from Jen: So you all care so much about his hat do ya!? Well great- just make me feel horrible why don't ya!

Mark, Dustin almost cried at our wedding and when he told me that I thought it was hilarious. Like he was sure glad he didn't actually do it... that it almost made him cry was enough. It's been the joke ever since that if something really gets to him emotionally he "almost cries" HAHAHAHA

Stacey said...

Poor Dustin! I'm so sorry you lost your hat but I thought the same thing as Julie when I first read this. At least your new son will be able to wear it at some point. Hang in there!

Carpenters said...

Dustin and Jen, you two are hilarious! I am very sorry that the hat was shrunk. It is a loss. Gabe treasures his dad's Snoopy book collection and one day, I "arranged" all of his Snoopy books only to find out that some of them were not so special yard sale finds and some were dad's. Thankfully, he knew which was which, but I have never touched the books again.

With Love,