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Friday, July 18, 2008

The Strangest Thing

I think I may be the world's cruelest mother. Why you ask? Because I laugh at my kids. I don't mean to but sometimes they do the funniest things. Things that make me go hmmmmm........ and then I bust up laughing.

Today Rory ran into the room in a semi panicked state. In a split second I noticed that something about her looked different. Hmmm, I thought, "She has a bit of an Asian appearance to her all of a sudden." Upon closer inspection I realized that, really, it was only her right eye which appeared more slanted than usual.

"Mom, something's in my eyelashes." she chirped while waving her hands,"and it hurts"

"WHAT happened?"

"I was making jewelry with Rienne now my eye hurts and I can't blink"

People, there is absolutely no way I can successfully describe the mess that she had gotten herself into....... but that won't stop me from trying.

The kids have this jewelry making kit which has a tool that spins in a circle with a brush on it for buffing items. It seems Rory had leaned her head close to get a good look at what she was doing when somehow her hair became caught in the tool which spun it around and around. The hair became twisted. After the hair twisted enough it began kinking back on itself and somehow it wound itself around a big bunch of the eyelashes on the top corner of her eye which then tugged at her eyelid pulling it to the side. Every time she blinked the hair would tug at her eye lashes threatening to yank a large clump of them out. HONESTLY, how does that happen!?

I began laughing out loud which upset Rory because she was still in quite a predicament and feeling panicked. I would have taken a photo to share with you (is that sick of me?) but I figured I should help her right away. I ran and grabbed my shears and snipped the hair. Then using my nails I was able to work the knot off the ends of her lusciously long lashes. Thank goodness she didn't lose those lashes or she would have looked really silly until they grew back in.

All throughout this ordeal I had to try hard to fight the urge to laugh uncontrollably. Rory would look at me with her wide eyes (well, her one wide eye) and a silly bewildered smirk on her face (she's always the one who has to join in when someone is laughing) and let a few giggles slip despite her discomfort.


kangaj1 said...

Too funny! Poor thing! Praying for you today!
Melissa Juvinall

Rob & Candy said...

Oh my. At least you didn't freak out!
Your comment on my blog made me laugh. I could see your fist in the air. How could I not LOL??

Carpenters said...

Poor thing, but it is indeed quite funny. I too would have been tempted to take a picture. She is such a cutie. I'm glad you were able to untangle her.

With Love,