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Monday, July 7, 2008

My Very Own Almyra

Here is Allyse looking dashing in her Mr. Potato head earrings. Lovely isn't she!?

Over the weekend the whole house was asleep except for me and Ally. I tried to talk her into napping with me on the couch or at least snuggling me while I napped. Of course, as soon as we snuggled up she began chattin' my ears off and goofing around. Then, she was making faces at me. We both couldn't stop laughing. Then, out of the blue she informed me about her latest adventures with the dog "Mommy when I feel Wyatt's eye I can feel him blinking!"

With some follow up questions I was able to learn that his eyes feel "yucky and all wet" and that "he really does blink alot."

"Um Yeah, when he has your finger jammed in his eye!" I told her.

You have to know Ally's personality to know she's just the type to lovingly and unintentionally torture the dog. If you remember the Tiny Toons character called Elmyra who always loved her pets to death you'd be getting the gist of how Ally likes to roll. I had no clue that she'd been conducting experiments with the dog's eyes, (poor dog) though now I will make sure to keep better watch over her.


Sassy Granny said...

I'm delighted you dropped by my e-home! I thought I'd reciprocate so, even though you'll have to use your imagination, I brought along some virtual homemade pie and lemonade. Here's to the precious waiting times and the moments you're relishing within them.

Be blessed,

Jeff said...

That is hilarious. Your poor little dog has been so good while Ally was practicing her vet skills. She has a future, Jen!

Stacey said...

Ugh... I'm going to shoot my husband. I told him to sign out when he's done on his google account! It looks like some weirdo is commenting about your daughters again ;o)

Julie said...

Ah stacey you're funny! Somehow I think Wyatt will survive fine.

BTW, you seriously need to fix the link to that Desert Diva lady. It don't work no more :-)

beBOLDjen said...

OOOOPS! Julie I just fixed it! I am so forgetful. hehe but it's taken care of now.

Brooke said...

Wyatt is now on his way to being like Tut... ;) Maybe that is what happened to Tut. I will check with Cole?!