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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Red Letters Campaign- Places to Go, People to See

I mentioned briefly about the party I went to hosted by Yeshi and others in the local Ethiopian community and how it was a good time. Well, I was able to meet Yeshi's sister Yewbi there. We talked about Kebron Orphanage. Yewbi works here in the US as a nurse and much like Surafel she runs things for the orphanage in Ethiopia from here. Last July, during the heavy rains which came after the severe drought had killed off all the vegitation, the home was flooded and the walls to two bedrooms were completely washed out. I saw the pictures and believe me when I tell you it was something to see. Since that time the kids have been squeezed into two rooms and the home remains in disrepair.

Dustin and I were invited to go and visit the kids when we travel. So, we will. Our schedule seems to be filling up! Now we are officially collecting gifts for 4 orphanages. Kids Care Orphanage ( I can't find a website for KC but here is an article about it. This is where Jonas came from), our agency's Transition Home, Hope for the Hopeless and now Kebron Orphanage. It may be that we can only bring a small amount of items to Kebron (even though I'd love nothing more to lug a WHOLE BUNCH of gifts to them too.)

That sure seems like a lot. The whole trip. I am now actually to the point where I can't fathom what it's going to be like. I used to have some kind of mental picture, a small expectation as to what we could expect. Now, the whole thing has grown much larger than anticipated and ** in a hushed tone** it feels a bit..... scary, no that's not the word. Overwhelming. Yeah that's a better way to put it. It's tempting to wonder how God can use me and Dustin. My wonder could easily turn to fear if I let it, if I didn't keep fighting to remind myself IT'S NOT ABOUT YOU!!!! (can I scream that any louder before it finally soaks in??) We have seemingly so little to give especially in light of so much need but I know better than concern myself much with that. (most of the time) We'll leave with Christ in our hearts and if one child finds the love of Jesus somehow, someway, by our actions during the time we are there then the trip will have been a GREAT success. I keep reminding myself that this is what we've been praying for!


Stacey said...

I cannot wait to hear about your journey and see the pictures! God IS using already in amazing ways. I can only image how much more He's going to use you on this trip!!