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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Red Letters Campaign- A Little Help From My Friends

Yesterday was a hard day for me. Right about 11:30 pm a floodgate let loose and the tears came rushing out. You'd think with us being just over 2 weeks away from travel and with all the details coming together with so much to look forward to I would have been rejoicing. But, it wasn't the case.

My sweet travel buddie Anna wrote a great post. In it she expresses so many of the feelings and questions I've been asking myself time and time again. Then my favorite Sassy Granny wrote another post that struck a cord in me. There's a common theme there and it's not lost on me. Praise and Worship. I need to be doing it right now.

Will you please pray for us?


Steve and Anna said...

I am praying with you my friend! We will get through this holding onto our Lord!!! I am just praying that He will help me allow Him to carry us through one more day. We can do that in more day in worship. I am so looking forward to hearing good news in 10-11 days! I think that will be a great relief!!! Although I have to keep remembering our hope is not in that - it is in Him, I also pray we get to travel together and I get to hug you! You are encouragement to me and I am glad we can hold hands in prayer in our group as we walk this road. love much!

Steve and Anna said...

oh and thanks for directing us to Sassy Granny's post - that was great!
Praising with you!

Kim said...

It was wierd when I got off the phone with you this eve I was thinking about you just running to your child, the absoulute and certain call in you that ever cell in your body screams for him. I wander with us and how human love, how much more does our heavenly father long to return to us! His whole being must be pulled back to earth, to his children to his adopted children, the must be waiting just waiting and longing so deeply for us. You angst created a picture of Christ for me so just know God is always there.

Zack and Rebecca Caldwell said...

Lady! I am right there with you! I have been so emotional this week, and I have to keep reminding myself that my hope is in Christ!!! Praying for you, and our entire YG :)