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Friday, November 14, 2008

For Mel (and anyone else looking for pointers)

You asked for some pointers. I don't know that I am the lady for the job but I'll give it a whirl since yesterday I was a novice and today I seem to think I am some kind of pro or something :)

Here's a list of the recipes I am trying. Once you get to the websites you can search their selection for some more meals that appeal to you. I just did a simple google search and all these recipes and more popped up. I have a few other recipes that aren't online that I will take the time to type up in the coming days.

Chicken Divan
Bacon Wrapped Chicken
Chipotle Macaroni Casserole
Chicken Quesadillas
Mediterranean Tuna Casserole
Ciao Bella Chili
Lasagna Primavera

Other than collect the recipes, all I did to prepare was stock up on freezer bags, foil, plastic wrap and disposable baking pans at our local bulk warehouse store. That was it. Oh, and I had to do a good spring cleaning on the deep freeze.

Soups or Chilis are double bagged and stored flat in the freezer one on top of the other to conserve space.

Dustin says that if I stick with this he'll look into a food sealer thing-y for me. (yes that's the technical word for it ) which might come in handy for long term freezing but I'll have to see if it's worth the cost.


Mark & Mel Harpold said...

You're the best! Thanks so much for the tips and I am compiling the recipes and looking forward to trying this!!
I'll let you know how it goes!