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Monday, November 3, 2008


It was busy over here this weekend. We ended with a bang. We hosted a pre-travel party with 65 or so of our friends and family. It was a great time. We wanted to thank our loved ones for their support and what better way to do it than with a big gathering. Since we decided we won't be having a large welcome home gathering we had to get the partying out of our system somehow.

Guests enjoyed catered Ethiopian food which included Beef Alecha, Doro Wat, Lentil Wat,
Cabbage with Potatoes and of course Injera with a smattering of American fare. We also enjoyed the yummiest cupcakes made by a woman at our church who should really own her own bakery. She's absolutely the BEST. She made miniature Ethiopian flags for each of the cupcakes. They were so wonderful.

It felt much like a wedding reception in that I fluttered around from person to person trying to get in some quality time with everyone (can you tell my love language?haha) but as events like this usually go I regretted that I didn't have as much time as I would've liked to catch up.

Last week I had gone to a party hosted by the Ethiopian friends and they served chicken nuggets for the kids. I thought it was so funny. We served some too. To which every kids there breathed a deep sigh of relief. Although some kids really liked the injera. Our kids really like it.

I told you I'm really expressive when I talk. The next few pictures are proof. Here I am trying to give a demonstration of how to serve and eat the food. By the looks of my face you'd think I just found a bug in the food or something. But no. That's just me talking. Ridiculous, I tell you!

My dad and Jan are some of the first to experience the new flavors.

Again, I have no clue what's wrong with my face in this picture. I was really happy, I swear!

My mom aka Mimi eater he food like a good grandma. Although her technique was lacking. She gave up bite size pieces and decided to roll her injera up like a burrito. I think she referred to it as Southwest/Ethio fusion. Whatever floats your boat mom.... just don't take that freak show to a restaurant in Ethiopia.


Stacey said...

Thanks Jen! The party was a blast. My whole family had a great time. I was so pleasantly surprised with the food. Makes me want some more injera with the beef stew now! Yummy!

I wrote about you on my blog today, too!

Theresa said...

Wow, that food looked really great. Just catching up on blogs tonight.

Love T

Carpenters said...

Wow! What a great party! It looks like it was so much fun.

With Love,