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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Who Doesn't Love a Random Post?

Yes it's about that time people!

One: Our neighbours are having a party. It's a BIG one complete with lots of Whohoo's and chick screams wafting over the brick wall between us. I am told he's a cop so I am confident things won't get too rowdy BUT our retarded dog is freaking out about every 10 minutes. He launches into a barking fit and runs through the dog door to the side of the home where he stands barking right below the girls' windows while they are trying to sleep. He's now barking inside the home at some of the people out front. I can't hear them but I have to assume they are there because he's going nuts. I could really wring his neck tonight. I honestly don't love him like I should. It's just that he's very annoying. He barks a lot. Like Rienne says, "He's like a door bell that you have to feed." (that kid cracks me up!) My reply: "I suppose you're right. I guess we made a bad investment then. A door bell would have been cheaper and less hassle."

Two: I woke up to find Ally in our bed barfing next to me this morning. Nothing says "good morning" like hearing my child heave. She lost it all over my pillow. Thankfully my head was not on it. Poor baby. We had a full day of fun planned including my nephew's birthday party at Pump it Up. We got to lay on the couch and watch 2 movies instead. BORING! I am praying the other two don't come down with this as well. She still has a fever but hasn't had another episode since.

Three: I am avoiding TV again. Honestly, I find that the more I watch TV the more I stick around for even a few minutes to view the catastrophe that is cable and I don't EVER want to be desensitized to that kind of stuff. Nothing but a total freak show. My flesh nature can't help but stop to take just a peek at the raging lunacy. It's come down to a matter of protecting myself and my time. I have too much to accomplish in life to spend my time camping out rotting my brain. It's cable news for me and that's about it. There just really isn't anything worthwhile on television these days and while I'd love nothing more to sit on my lazy butt and veg out for a while I can't even watch prime time commercials without being offended. TV IS SO NOT KID FRIENDLY ANYMORE.

Why does selling tooth paste need to be sexual? Can anyone explain that to me? Honestly, now they've turned chewing gum into an experience that a woman cannot complete without wrapping herself around some random stranger and making out with him in a grocery store. What's next? They've yet to sexualize house cleaning products. How long do you think it will take to have a half naked woman scrubbing the toilets with some special cleaner? I don't know whether Ad-Exec's mistakenly believe we are that depraved OR if it's truthfully effective advertising and the sad fact is that our society will purchase anything that has a little sex tagged on with it over something that is advertised straight up. That's a scary thought to me.

I read this post and it made my heart heavy only because I ,too, am haunted by the messages our kids have probably seen hundreds of times already in their short little lives. How many times have my kids seen billboards of half naked women driving home the message that when the girls in this society grow up they should aspire to be objects of lust for others' gratification. Why just yesterday, actually. Rienne and Rory were commenting on the beer billboard that showed only the scantily clad shoulders through the waist portion of a woman. What in the world?! I didn't know women drink beer through their belly buttons...... or nipples for that matter. YUCK. I need a shower.

The sad truth is that as hard as hubby and I try to protect their innocence and sense of self from the distortions our society places on sexuality the messages will still reach them. Earlier and earlier these days.

........Parenting requires a battle plan, I tell you.


the Steiger's said...

We used to have party neighbours. It was wild.
My kids do not watch regular tv at all. I am sorry but even I have problems with commercials. They watch movies on dvds and it works for us. And we read a lot.
I PRAY for my kids a lot. It is a crazy world out there.
love, Lenka

Kim said...

I have been thinking a lot of this, M was singing a song about sitting in mexico and having a beer, I flipped out, he didn't understand it but heard it on country music station, I was livid at Gary for letting him listen to country music, the messages it sends. In short the message I want my children to hear is one of God and Grace and Glory, not solving problems with sex and drinks. My biggest motivation for homeschool is this, I want to teach and protect my kids from the world for as long as possible, they are just exposed to too much too soon, we are going on a tv fast as well, no more disney movies either they just are full of stupid adult humor, I found out where the "hot" comment came from Alivin and the Chipmunks, I am coming down on what my kids are allowed to see even if it makes me meany mom, but if they don't know it is our there how are they going to miss it?

Carpenters said...

Rienne is so funny! How do you stand it? I hope Ally is feeling better now. Being sick is just no fun, for anyone. I'm completely with you about the ads, tv, etc. We don't have cable and that confuses so many people. I definitely think it is a wise decision.

With Love,

shawn and tisha said...

We only watch dvd's. We don't have any TV or cable and it has been really good for us, especially since nowadays you can by the dvd of any tv show that you do want to allow in your home.

When I see shows I used to watch (and love) I can't believe all of the bad stuff that is in them that I just overlooked before because I was used to it. We listen to the radio a lot and get a pretty good amount of news that way. :)

Stacey said...

I'm right there with you. Even Disney Channel and shows for "kids" often show and say things that are questionable! It's tough to be a parent and protect them from everything. Josh is picking stuff up at school these days that no first grader should ever hear!!

E said...

We call the television the "one-eyed monster" - and though it sounds trite or flippant, we really do mean it. So much of what is available on television is truly monstrous and an attack on our hearts & minds and the hearts & minds of our children. I really don't think humans were made to be spectators of life (which is genuinely what television is about for the most part). Therefore, it's nearly impossible to turn it into something good - as it is against the nature of television to be in sync with the nature of what humans are meant to do - live.