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Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Deed is Done

Can I just say YUCK! I could NEVER be a dentist! It's just plain gross. Thankfully Dr. Kelly has a stomach for blood (and there was more of it than I expected) and the ability to pull teeth from tiny mouths.

Rienne had her 3 teeth "wiggled" out today. There were some tears, mostly due to nerves. She was very brave, though, and did well. She just ate some ice cream and is bouncing around the house so she's no worse for the wear. My pocketbook, on the other hand, is reeling from the pain!

The roots on those teeth were astounding. I never knew they dissolved before the fell out but I quickly figured it out when I saw the size of the roots on the teeth Rienne had "wiggled". WOW. I can tell she's gonna need some motrin for a few days. Pretty yucky stuff.


Kim said...

ya I am not good with teeth stuff for some reason when I see a child wiggling their teeth I get the heebies and can't look. I don't mind blood and all that it is just a tooth loose is more than I can take, poor mama yes she will need motrin for sure!!!

Stacey said...

Wow, who knew those roots were so long, huh? That's crazy!

Motrin all around :o)