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Friday, March 7, 2008

Our Adventures in Time Travel

Ok, so the ticker has changed again..... BUT I promise this to be the last change. I moved it back in time since I was told today via conference call that our log-in dates will now be counted as the date our dossiers make it to ET. I need this revised date because it more accurately tells me what we could face with court closures (for those of you who might not know the court closes every year Aug - Oct and no adoptions are finalized during that time in Ethiopia yet referrals can still be received. families are not able to travel to pick up their children until they have officially received custody of them in Ethiopia). I expect that we will indeed need to get our finger prints taken again since those were done the end of July '07. That is the only thing that should need to happen for us before we travel.

All told the conference call with the program director today was very encouraging and exciting. I like that we have a solid timeline to lean on these days and even if the Lord should choose to have us wait through a court closure I am so thankful to be in the ET program. This is the journey that is involved with International Adoption. I am becoming used to the twists and turns, the ups and downs. I thank the Lord that His peace is growing on me and that the more I learn to rely on Him the more thankful I become for all He is doing. His peace allows me to give Him thanks in all things. What a gift! Thank You Lord.

My birthday is mid June and our anniversary is mid August. With the possibility of a referral happening anytime in between we should have a lot to be celebrating around that time of year.


vinceandalisa said...

The CC was awesome!
We're in the same boat (about one month behind in the wait), our fingerprints exp in July as well. Looks like we could get caught up in the court closures, also -- I'm just so thankful referrals will continue to be made during that time.

Kim said...

you go girl God is Holy and good, I have renewed hope. We need to pray, pray pray. I want us to get together or on the phone and pray. Love Kim

Zack & Rebecca Caldwell said...

I think I know exactly how you feel...we are so close in time frames with you guys...that court closure might get us as well! But, at least we do have a solid time frame, like you said. I changed my ticker too!