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Thursday, March 20, 2008

I've bragged before

about having some of the greatest friends ever but you have to know just how true that statement is! Our friends and family have donated so many items for our HUGE combination garage sale that I think we could open a consignment store tomorrow if we were so inclined. We have EVERYTHING you can imagine.

This garage sale will benefit 3 families including mine. Kim at Living Love Out Loud along with her family and Julie at Four Plus More along with her family will be splitting the proceeds with us. All funds will go directly toward our adoption expenses and we couldn't be more excited about the help. The Lord has poured His love over our families through His Body of children who have given to us in an amazing way and we have to give Him glory for His amazing provision!! Simply amazing.

Please pray for many shoppers on March 28th and 29th as I am now running out of space in my home. The car port is FULL, the storage unit is FULL, the baby's room is FULL, the entire back patio (which is quite large) is FULL. We have no more space left!!!!

I am sending my hubby over to the neighbors to make peace offerings before the big event hoping the increase in traffic will not annoy them overly. Maybe they'll come shop too.

We are setting up a table to help raise awareness about adoption at our garage sale. I pray at least one family who visits will have their hearts turned toward adoption.

Stay tuned for all the gory details of the sale......


Stacey said...

I am praying about the yard sale! I passed on the email flyer to tons of people in my address book. I'm praying that you will be totally amazed by the number of people coming to support you guys! I believe God is going to blow you guys away that weekend!!

Rob & Candy said...

a yard sale is a great way to make money! Our dear friends who adopted from Russia also did a yard sale, They put out a donation jar with a note saying they were adopting and some details. One person donated $100 in the jar. It's amazing what God can do in a stranger's heart. I cannot wait to hear more!