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Thursday, March 20, 2008

How do I want to be remembered by my children?

I was reading over at and this was the topic for the day. An interesting topic, I thought.

Hmmm, How do I want my kids to remember me? It is, for me, less about what I want them to remember about me and more about what I want to model for them in the hopes that they themselves will grow to embody and value the same things. So I am adjusting the question to fit that concept. To keep it to three would be very difficult. I am going to make three categories instead.

Loving Christ: I want my kids to love Jesus, know Him, follow Him, trust Him, and share about Him more than I do. I want them to exceed me in everything Spiritual. This means that I hope and pray they remember me for living an active, challenging, genuine and growing faith out daily. I want them to remember praying with me. I want them to remember me blessing them. I want them to remember the family alter in the back yard which received a new river rock every time the LORD provided for our family in a breathtaking way. I want them to remember me sharing Christ's love with others consistently throughout my life. I want them to remember me serving others. (see the last category)

Loving My Family: I want them to know and feel how much I treasure them. I thank God for giving them to me every night. They are the biggest gifts I have in this life. I want them to feel like every moment with them was relished by their mother. I want each child to feel like they were in the spotlight and that my eyes were on them. I want them to grow up confident that they are loved.

Being a Do-er: (James 1:22) I'm typa busy woman. There's no denying it. I hope, though, that my life will translate for my children into a story of action and compassion. I don't want mine to be just a life filled with busyness. I am ever working on making wise decisions with my time. I hope that when I'm gone my kids will be able to confidently say I had my priorities right, That I lived the right balance between working (when I say working I mean in service to others as a follower of Christ) and playing. I esteem life. I value the purpose in it. I want them to grow enough to know that there are times when I ( and our family) needed to sacrifice some of "my" (our) time working for the benefit of others, and I pray they would recognize the benefit of that discipline in their own lives as well.

Those are the top three most important things for me. Sure, I have TONS more secondary and tertiary things, but those are my TOP priorities.


Stacey said...

That is a great way to look at it Jen! I don't think you have anything to worry about. You're such an awesome Mom and your girls are absolutely wonderful! I love watching all of you together.

Kelly said...

You've been TAGGED!! Check out my blog for details!!!

Kelly B