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Friday, March 28, 2008


Our first day of sales was wonderful. I am holding off on the total because I am excited to share the final amount with you tomorrow. It's going to be big. We are so thrilled and thankful to the Lord for His provision. Each family is going to make a nice amount of cash. Yeah baby!

I am a bad blogger because I never took pictures but never fear tomorrow is a new day and we still have TONS of stuff. We even picked up more items today. I will really try to remember to take one just so you can see what were dealing with over here.

I couldn't believe all the shoppers we had today. The fill a clothes bag for $5 was a hit and I think that's the way to do it if anyone is thinking of having a sale. I think it was really a blessing for people to get those clothes because so many people gave REALLY nice things. The people who donated to this sale gave out of sheer generosity! It was evident to me that people tried to give their best! What an honor for us to receive such gifts. We have asked God to bless those who gave ten fold for their generosity.

My dogs are barking and I am exhausted! All of us worked really hard today. I am asking for strength and renewal for all of us for tomorrow! If you would pray for us we'd really appreciate it.


Rob & Candy said...

wow! this is sooo awesome. I cannot wait to see what happens tomorrow

Julie said...

It was so awesome. I was blown away and can't wait until tomorrow. Do not fear I have pictures. Just too tired to download them :-)

Kim said...

It rocked the house, what a great day I was so blessed to do this with you guys it was really a lot of fun, it didn't seem as much work in the presence of laughter, soda a friends.

Stacey said...

Woohoo! So excited for you all Jen. I'll continue to pray that people will show up and bless all big time!!

Heather Brandt said...

we're adopting from Russia through America World and I visit a lot of blogs from the Ethiopia program.
I'd be interested to know how the bag of clothes worked and any other tips for a yardsale (once you have rested up and recovered from yours!)


Heather Brandt