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Friday, June 15, 2007

Oh Happy Day!

I'm not a huge birthday person. Gifts and acts of service are not my "Love Language" so I usually don't get ga-ga over gifts or a big to do over my birthday. I am never offended if someone forgets my birthday mainly because I have even been prone to forget it. This year was no different. My mom called early (to be first of course) and I asked her "What's going on?" thinking something must be wrong for her to be calling me so early.

"Happy Birthday," was her cheery response.

So imagine my surprise when almost everyone in the world decided to celebrate my birthday which is weird because 28 isn't usually one of those mile stone b-days. Loved ones sent cards, emails, and voice messages. I received no less than two cakes and a menagerie of gifts.

About mid-day during all the hullabaloo and after coming to terms with my embarrassment over all the attention (which is usually why I like the day to slip by unnoticed) and while listening to my third or fourth Birthday serenade via long distance phone call it hit me. God is sending me lots of love via all my beloved family and friends. I really needed the encouragement and I hadn't known it. Once I received all the gushing, lavish attention I realized it was absolutely the thing which I needed. All the love and support bolstered me up after being discouraged. God's hand of provision, once again proving faithful!

I went to bed feeling very special..... and thanking our Dear Lord for the beauty of the relationships in my life. Truly, it was a Happy Birthday.


The Montee's said...

glad your day was great! I particularly like the use of the word "hullabaloo"!! :)

Brooke said...

So glad your day was Happy! I thought of you and wished you a great day! Sorry for no call, but I am sure glad that your close family and friends made the effort. I love birthsday, because I think it is a celebration of the blessings God has given you, and the life of one more year. You are blessed!!!!!!

Jenn said...

sweet! happy birthday!

Stacey said...

Happy Birthday Jen! I wanted to bring you some flowers on Sunday but couldn't make it that far. I'll have to catch up with you some time soon. I hope it really was a great day!!