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Monday, June 25, 2007

All we need is Love, 72 women, and a bunch of Kleenex

The women's retreat was awesome! Had such a blast!
I have no time to fill you in fully but let me just say that God was so gracious to us ladies who attended the retreat!! I have so much to chew on from that weekend that I am sure it will take me weeks, possibly months, to feel like I've digested all the spiritual food presented to us. Really Loving Well is an endless topic. It is such a lifelong journey to learn how to love others (and allow ourselves to be loved) with Christ's love!
For me this Loving Well retreat tied right back into the call to obedience I have been hearing God speak to me over this past year. I don't know how all these message quite fit together for my personal life but I am so excited to move forward and find out. God is so good.


The Montee's said...

this sounds like good times...was it a Beth Moore study/retreat? Just curious...

Jen said...

Yes it was. And a good one too. Have you been before?

Brooke said...

I miss you, are you back from your trip. Can't wait to hear how things are going.