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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Haitian Orphans

I went out last night with a good friend who works for World Orphans. (Which is a great organization. You should check it out) We were discussing how the earthquake has brought much attention to the plight of orphans in Haiti. We know many more folks are desiring to adopt from there all of a sudden, but we are also aware that it isn't very feasible for now.

She wrote a great post which I believe will be very informative for those folks who are new to the world of international adoption and may be considering Haiti in this moment.

It's so frustrating to think that children won't be able to be adopted yet it is very much the case. I know that people will be maddened (we all should be) but it is also really important to realize that the guidelines are important. They prevent abuses and are necessary.

So, the real question for those of us who have felt our heartstrings tugged is how willing are we to help? Truly?

If we can't adopt precious Haitian orphans (for now) are we still willing to spend thousands of dollars to save the life of a child/ren who won't grow to call us mom or dad?

I hope the answer is still yes!

Our family is praying through ways to give sacrificially even now in the midst of our adoption.

Today some folks are facing a nightmare. For them there is no turning away. There is no diversion. There is no flipping the channel to erase the horrifying images. The hunger pangs remain. The wounds still seep. The loss threatens to overwhelm.

We don't want to be saviours. There's only One. We don't want to be heroes. Jesus is THE Hero. We just want to be the kind of people who, when we see suffering, are willing to dig in with those who are facing it and get our hands dirty alongside.

Jesus never leaves us to suffer alone. Because of Him I want to do what I can to share in the (deep breath) *suffering* (there I actually said it) of others.

Corinthians 4:11-13.
Philippians 2:1-3
Hebrews 13: 16 & 20-21