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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

More Thoughts on Vertical Adoption

I'll admit I'm digging deep through Scriptures to investigate all the Spiritual implications of adoption. Adoption is very complex and multi faceted (read WAY over my head) and it's no big surprise I'm ill equipped to clearly communicate the vast truths wrapped up in the Bible related to adoption. When I wrote the last post I was addressing my thoughts in relation to the John Piper video and the utter depravity that sin causes in our lives. I do still adhere to the belief that missing the mark of God's perfect holiness does render us unworthy and dirty (as in defiled and unholy) orphans. God cannot reject His own children so all those who fail to accept the grace of God through Jesus Christ cannot be His children or God would be a failure of a father by eternally casting them from His presence. For God to reject those people they must not be his children. Therefore before faith in Jesus we must all be orphans.

A friend E made a great comment to my post which inspired me to do more searching and praying on the other end as well. Because I believe there is also more to our being made in God's image. The part that gets sticky with me in assigning myself worth because I've been created in the image of God is the issue of our requiring absolute and total grace for salvation. I'm not entirely sure where the boundaries fall with regard to that. I will not assign myself value and worth apart from Christ, I know that much. I realize this would be a sticking point for some people. Possibly more so from a person looking for validation and a sense of worth in this world apart from Christ alone. I hold firm to the idea that Christ bestows His value upon us (Just how that happens I've yet to fully come to grips with.) Something we discussed in Home Team that resonated with me was this idea that God owns us twice (found in a message from Wayne Cordero.) That He is our Creator and Father. We belong to Him both ways and have our roots in Him alone.

I came across a post by an adult adoptee at NeitherHereNorThere which was very interesting to me as I strive to view adoption through the eyes of adoptees.

I'd love to hear more feedback from all of you. I realize that here I go opening up a theological can of worms and that convictions will vary and passions will run deep. So if anyone chooses to respond be patient and kind.


Audrey said...

Wow, deep thoughts Jen. I guess that my simple mind can most easily grasp the parent-child part of this equation. I cannot imagine what my child could do that would make me stop loving him or her. Yet, my children do lots of things that I do not love - even hate. As a parent of adult children, I do have to watch as they make choices that I know are wrong for them. They hurt my heart. Through these relationships, I have been better able to grasp how my sin pains my Father - magnified greatly because He understands far better than I ever will [this side of heaven, anyway] what the consequences of my sin are.

As an adopted child - and soon to be adoptive parent - I wonder often about being chosen. Why did God choose me?? From the millions of children waiting to be adopted, how did we choose Z? Or, maybe the better question is, why did God choose Z for our family?

I'm not sure if I've hit any of the points that you were aiming for :) but this is where my mind wandered off to...

Thanks for the thought-provoking posts!

beBOLDjen said...

Audrey Thanks so much for sharing!