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Thursday, July 9, 2009

More Sources on Orphan Care

I've mentioned briefly that our Home Team is working our way through the book Fields of the Fatherless . I can't recommend this book enough for a small study group. It has questions in the back and video from Tom to help direct discussions.

As we branch out to sources other than the book one member of our Home Team, Mark who happens to also work for a fabulous organization called *World Orphans , directed us to this video from Rick Warren. I though I would share it here as well.

World Orphans has an article titled The Mega Issue on their website that I recommend reading as well. I just LOVE everything about World Orphan's website. It is rich in information. But it's the haunting music of the home page that draws me in. It creates an unsettled feeling in my heart just as should be there when I consider the plight of helpless children around the world and how to help)