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Monday, July 20, 2009

CDC and Immigration Ban

Please take a minute to read this article and visit the CDC website (link contained in the article) for futher information. Consider your opinion on the matter.

I am supportive of lifting the ban. Many arguments in favor of the ban are based on fear and lack of education. Some are concerned about the financial impact HIV+ immigrants will make. That is a viable concern in my opinion but one that doesn't sway my support for removing the ban. I am also in favor of lifting the ban because many of the immigrants banned entrance to the US are orphans.

Families who wish to adopt an HIV+ child must apply for costly visa waivers and jump through many bureaucratic hoops. Helpless orphans who contracted HIV through maternal transmission should not be discriminated against for truly they are the most vulnerable in the world. If families are willing to adopt them the process should be the same as adopting a HIV negative child. Today, HIV is a chronic yet manageable disease. HIV positive people who receive treatment can live indefinitely without developing AIDS and be productive members of society.

For more education about HIV/AIDS transmission AVERT has a very informative website.

Lastly, below is a quick video tidbit about possible advancements in HIV transmission prevention that I thought was noteworthy.

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