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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Jonas

Here's our boy trying to get that sippy to his mouth as fast as possible thus the preparatory face.

With his entourage. He's a chick magnet I tell you!

Jonas officially turns one today. Here's a quick list of his accomplishments thus far

- He's a speedy army crawler but hasn't gotten the concept that he can use his knees. It's all upper body strength for this boy

- Feels he's too mature for the bouncer. Once he beefed up his legs muscles he decided he was through with it.

- Has transitioned to a sippy cup and can drink from a straw if in the right mood

- Answers the question "Where's the baby?" with a game of peek-a-boo

- Blows kisses often and likes to give wet, juicy kisses when he's asked for one

- Waves "selam" (hello)

- Talks on his imaginary telephone (hand to ear)

- Gives Eskimo & butterfly kisses

- Pulling up on furniture

- Loves dancing to music

- Says "daddy"


Steve and Anna said...

Happy Birthday Jonas! You are a blessing and we are so glad we were able to meet you and spend a little time with you in Ethiopia! We KNOW God has a special plan for you...we pray you will learn to love and trust Him with all your heart!

with love,
The Stagers

Susan said...

Happy Birthday, Jonas! <:-D

Love to you all! Susan

the Steiger's said...

Happy Birthday Jonas!!!
He is so CUTE. Nate was an army crawler.
love, Lenka

N Dyess said...

Happy birthday to the cute little guy! The pictures are adorable. What a cute group of kids you have! It looks like his sisters are doing well with him. Thanks for the wonderful updates!

Julie said...

WOW! Happy Birthday Yoni!!! What a cutie. Total babe magnet.

Suz... said...

He is so luscious!! Better keep him away from me b/c I'm likely to take a nibble or two!! Happy Birthday!!

Stacey said...

Happy Birthday Jonas! He is so adorable, Jen. Those are some great accomplishments... you should be one proud Mama!

Lori S said...

What a sweet post about Jonas! He's such a doll!