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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Coming Down the Pipeline

I'm working late, completing our 3 month post placement report requirements. I've also begun the readoption paperwork for Jonas this night. It is very important because Jonas came home with an IR-4 visa (Ethiopia is a Non Hague Country). Jonas is a permanent resident at this point. He, obviously, does not have a Social Security Number or a US Birth Certificate, etc. Legally, his name is still Yonas. All that will change with his readoption.

Also, Dustin and I would like to keep our Home Study current for future adoption purposes. (wink, wink) Financially it makes more sense to keep it updated (around $700 with a local HS agency- Not AWAA) than to let it expire and have to completely recertify with the state. So it seems that, truly, the adoption paperwork will never end for us!


Sassy Granny ... said...

So much of mothering seems to happen in the wee hours. I never found myself processing adoption paperwork, but more than once I was known to pay bills, or do laundry long after the house was asleep.

Be blessed,

Stacey said...

I especially liked the wink, wink! That's a great idea to stay up to date on the paperwork so you don't have to start all over again but man, what a process. You're amazing Jen!

Karen said...

Wow, you must tell me about this whole HS updating thing instead of re-doing it... that sounds like a great option for me to keep in mind. :D

I'd love to hear more about the re-adoption process because I'm having the hardest time figuring that part out! I know it varies by state but I'm totally befuddled.

*karen b

beBOLDjen said...

Karen, I sent you a message on FB about the HS update info.

Readoption is befuddling!!! And don't expect AWAA to be of much assistance there. I actually had a stern conversation with Terra about that very subject as the arrival packet doesn't do a good job of explaining what to expect and since it varies state by state I believe AWAA ought to put in the hard work of coordinating their Home Study Coords in each state to come up with a reference doc for all AWAA families.

In our state (AZ) I contacted our County's Atty's Office and a woman there who handles readoption emailed me an application to fill out to get the ball rolling. I had to include all the adoption paperwork from Addis and copies of marriage and birth certs (sound familiar? Thankfully they don't have to be authenticated or certified!) But, again it does vary by state to if you want to get a head start on getting an idea of how the process works I would contact your SW and ask.