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Friday, March 20, 2009

Jonas Discovers Sand (a Day at the Park)

" Why are you setting me"

"Are you seeing this!?"

" Sooo cool!"

"I bet I could take this and....."


"Um, Yea. That didn't go like I planned."

The kids and I met up with my friend Kim and her wonderful kids for a fun day at the park. I was able to snap photos of all the kids except Kim's oldest daughter Abby. When I asked her if I could take a photo she politely declined. (Sorry Kim. I tried.)

Rienne and Mason






Stacey said...

So sweet! I bet they all had to get baths when you got home after playing in the sand. Days at the park are fun but can be oh so messy!

Amber said...

That is funny. Ayana would have stuck the sand in her mouth too! So was the 3 month post placement hard to do? Is it as expensive as the homestudy?


Steve and Anna said...

That is so cute!!! He is getting so big also and looking so handsome! I am thinking about you and praying for you guys often!

Sassy Granny ... said...

Great photos!

My daughter spent one whole summer eating sand as if it were ice cream. Go figure ...


Theresa said...

Now that's a sweet face if ever I saw one!