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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Red Letters Campaign- Precious Child

My dear friend Kim came over today with her four kids. It was my first opportunity to meet Netsanet since she came home from Ethiopia and have an opportunity to get an idea of her personality. Kim and I had several conversations about how Nettie was adjusting and every time Kim would tell me story after story of what a funny, charming and happy a child she is. After meeting her myself I can safely say I am enchanted by her.

The child is a diva, a drama queen and a comedian. She is UBER-girly ( I must say I love that about her!) and walked around our home in dress-up shoes and accessories. She warmed up to me much quicker than I had expected and soon began to chatter and giggle. Not too long after that she began cracking little Nettie jokes with me and making silly Nettie faces. She has a FUN personalty and seems to really enjoy teasing. I was also graced with a couple of her darling dances as well.

Netty exaggerates her faces and mannerisms and is able to express herself quite well despite the language barrier. I was impressed at the number of English words she was using. And as is the tradition of all children learning language her first English word used with consistency is "No!" Hahahah I found that so funny.

Nettie minded her mommy very well and when things didn't go her way she had herself a quiet pout session typical of children her age and then laughed at Kim when she tried to tell her to share in Amharic as if to say "you're NOT saying it right!" That amusement helped her to forget that she was ever upset and off she went onto the next event.

Netsanet is a gem. It's an honor to get to know her. It is obvious that she was dearly loved and well cared for before she came to be relinquished. Nettie's interaction with her new momma is loving and sweet. She appreciates her new momma's sense of humor. The two of them laughed and made jokes with each other using their funny facial expressions. It was so entertaining to watch the attachment growing between the humorous mother and daughter. God sure knew what He was doing when He put them together!


Stacey said...

That is so special! I bet Kim is just soaking up the days with her Nettie!