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Friday, July 4, 2008

A Bangin' 4th

Here we are in great anticipation of the night's events while driving to Chase stadium (Rory took the photo of me)

In front of Chase Stadium:

The view from our seats:

We had tickets to the Diamondbacks game for the 4th of July. Never you mind that they lost to the Padres. We had a good time anyway. The kids ate more junk food tonight than you can imagine. They each had their own 24oz rootbeer to drink. GASP! I know.... that was all their dad's fault.

It was the girls' first baseball game ever. (I know we make for some pretty sad parents!) I think they really enjoyed themselves. We joined with the extended family on Dustin's side and made it a family affair. We each enjoyed a hot dog and drink included in the ticket price of $15.00. You can't beat that deal plus there was a fireworks show afterward. Does it get anymore all-American that that? I don't think so!

<>They shut off all the lights and opened the roof up for the fireworks. I am a horrible photographer so I don't have any of the fireworks to show you but I thought I would include the open roof for you to see.


Brooke said...

Your girls look so cute with their hair and shirts! What a fun night!!!

Stacey said...

The girls look great! I love how you did each of their hair because it fits their personality :o)

Looks like everyone had a blast!!

Julie said...

I love this idea for fireworks. Sure beats some of the other options. Of course we went to bed at 8:30 on the 4th. Wiped out from the garage sale. How sad is that.