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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Rather Aimless

So there hasn't been much meat to my posts lately. I've kept them light and mostly aimless. Mostly because that's the water I've been treading in lately. Really if you knew me better you'd know that when I am not in a funk aimless isn't really something I do. But, honestly, I've been in a real funk for over a month now. No real excuse. Just where I am at the moment.

I had a good talk with a precious friend who, God bless her, can always be counted on to tell me like it is. Thank you for that (you know who you are!)

I am feeling better today. Like a ship appearing out of the fog I can sense myself coming back. My thought life and prayer life returning to center after taking a detour somewhere down a road that doesn't need to be travelled.

I have grown weary of doing good. The Lord warned me against it a while ago. I didn't quite understand what He was telling me. Alas, I have landed myself at the bottom of my own "doing good" barrel. I find myself empty and tired. You know that "will worship" I was grappling with while reading that book Celebration of Discipline a while back. Well, I think I'm smack dab in the middle of an object lesson.


Carpenters said...

I have been in the middle of a few of those too lately. I love that the Lord meets me there and I have that ah-ha moment.

With love,

Stacey said...

Isn't God great... He waits there patiently until we understand what He's been teaching us all along!

Thanks the Lord for great friends who tell us like it is!

Hang in there Jen!!

The Journey Begins Here said...

Hi Jen,
Thinking about you!