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Friday, April 11, 2008

A Few Things

Two families from our agency made it through court today. They are now legally parents of their children! They expect to travel in two weeks. It must be incredibly exciting for the Harbaughs and the Coens! Congrats guys!

The pink wigs are freakin' me out! The girls are wearing them non stop over here. Ally looks like that girl from that CREEPY Disney show the Doodlebops! Yikes;) She even asked me if she could wear it to church this Sunday. I told her yes (through gritted teeth) I am a big believe in self expression for kids no matter how silly they might look (or how embarrassed i might feel). So any of you PV-ers out there will definitely be able to spot my kid this week.

The name Amare is really ranking high in the poll. Dustin and I are SO ABSOLUTELY NOT sports fans (weird seeing as Dustin played hockey all his life and is super athletic but won't watch a sports game on TV unless it's a championship or something.) My friend told me that Amare is the name of a basketball player on the Suns team. She also said, Amare is totally better than (fill in blank with some other player I've never even heard of before)" I said, "oh. that must be why people are voting for the name. It's exotic and I didn't expect it to be so popular."(blowing off the fact that I had no clue who the other player was she was speaking of) Dustin still prefers the name Bridon. Now my mom and sister are on board with that name as well. Still no input from the TEXANS!!! (hint hint guys!)