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Thursday, April 3, 2008

A Letter

Read this letter from the Transition Home. It's an interview of a 10 year old girl. It makes me both smile and feel the nervous tingle in my stomach. I am glad she feels well taken care of and love to hear she loves her adoptive family already. The tingle comes from the nerves I felt when I had to get on a plane and fly home to visit my dad all by myself when I was not much older than her. If a little trip had my stomach in knots I am sure this large life transition for her will be monumental. I am praying for her dear little heart and her family as a whole!


The Journey Begins Here said...

Thanks for stopping by. Do you feel like you have mastered the lesson in patience?

You must just be exploding with excitement every time you read a letter like Rachel's.

Thinking about you. Theresa

Gibson Family said...

Jen, Your blog site is really beautiful...I loved reading everything. What a beautiful family you are :) I'm so happy we met in are a blessing!
lots of love!!