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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Hair Fun

My friend Kim came over today and we had a great time having some girly fun. I got to cut and color her hair and she has agreed to let me post her before and after.

Before: Kim and her youngest son Judah

After: One foxy lady;)

Now, I really have an urge to chop off some serious length and do this cut. (LOVE the versatility of it) My hair is at mid back as of late and I can't stand it any longer. I tend to grow it out and hack it off every year and a half. Problem is Hubby LOVES my long hair (UGH!!) He has given his blessing if I really want to cut my hair off but how can I do so when I KNOW that on the inside he'll be crying. hmmmm I will really have to weigh this stuff out.


Stacey said...

You look great Kim! Jen, you're a master at the hair stuff. I will have to make an appointment with you soon. I'm thinking it's time!

shawn and tisha said...

Your friend looks really pretty with her new hair cut, good job! :)

Julie said...

Woohoo Kim! Sexy! Jen you are so great with hair!

Love the suggested bob - it's not super short. Could you do that cut but leave it a bit longer?

Kim said...

I am one hot mama!!! look at me i am ready for my photo shoot!! okay this is the best hair style and cut I have ever in my life had. I have all my friends now wanting you to do their do! seriously. thank you I feel fab and glam and you are truly talented!! no longer do I have black and yellow hair as my son so lovingly told me. :)

The Montee's said...

LOVE the cut/color! Looks awesome. You do have a wonderful talent w/ hair, Jen.

Rob & Candy said...

Jen, you did a great job! I love the cut.

Missy said...

cute hair cute :) kim looks question is, can u do the same for me ;)


Jen said...

Thanks everyone for the compliments but really it was easy because Kim is gorgeous so I had a great starting point.

Anonymous said...

oh do go on! (said in an austin powers type voice) I have three people that want you to do their hair, I will email you. I am the walking billboard and feel so good about myself, it has inspired me to loose that 40 pounds i have been talking about. I think I can go to Ethiopia feeling like I can have my picture taken.
Love ya

The Journey Begins Here said...

Love it. It's so sassy! I wish I had straight hair sometimes.

Haven't stopped in a while. Just catching up.


Anonymous said...

You have beautiful girls! To the subject, I think that a wife having long hair is a truly great gift to a husband who loves hair. I'm grateful every day for my wife, and her lengthy locks make me feel special. TS

Stacey said...

Haven't seen anything new in a while. Stopping by to see how you're doing. Maybe I can email you more later today.

Jen said...

Oh TS, now ya got me! Straight to the heart with that one!!!

Yes, I have decieded to leave my hair long. It's all for my love, my husband...... NOW if only I could get him to blow dry it for me... then I'd really have it good. :)