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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Ringing in the New Year


We had two families over for a night of stiff board game competitions and fun. We all had our kiddos with us. The kids did great and even managed to fall asleep without much fuss around 10pm. At 10pm most of us looked like we wouldn't make it to midnight but soon after the clock struck twelve we found our second wind and managed to hang out chatting until THREE A.M!! Can you believe that!? I haven't been up that late since high school!

Our church is beginning the One Year Bible this year and the church staff is blogging about it. We all took turns reading the January 1st entry together. I can't think of a better way to ring in the New Year than with friends in the Word!


After seeing our Friends off safely in the morning (after eating breakfast of course) we stayed up just 45 minutes before we all headed back to bed to catch up on some sleep. Imagine our shock when Dustin and I woke up at 2pm and the kids were still sleeping. We all got ready for dinner and were excited to be joining two very special families who are with AWAA and are adopting from Ethiopia. We all met at the Macaroni Grill. It was so awesome to meet these people face to face and hear their voices, as usually we chat via the Internet. Here are a few pics of our friends the Ducommuns and the Gibsons. The Gibsons are in town from Branson, MO and the Ducommuns live in Flagstaff. The Ducommuns have been in the process of adopting first from China and then switching to Ethiopia for 3 years now. Can you believe that!? They are close to the top of the list along with the Gibson family. It's my hope and prayer that the Gibsons and Ducommuns receive referrals SOON!

Myself, Kari and Laura: the moms to be.


Stacey said...

How fun and encouraging to be with other families who are going through the same feelings and emotions you are! What an awesome way to start the new year!

Carpenters said...

It looks like dinner was a lot of fun! It's always great to meet online buddies. Happy New Year! We are praying that many blessing with come your way.

With love,
Penelope and Gabe