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Sunday, January 27, 2008

More Video

Gosh I'm on a video roll here. I, again, stumbled upon this video and thought it was a hoot. Large families are treated as if they are a traveling freak show these days in society and I just had to laugh it up over this family's response to some the the nagging questions they must be bombarded with on a regular basis. Sad thing is I often hear some of these comments with just our 3 kids in tow! Just wait until we are a trans-racial family...... Oh the things we'll hear!

PS- I used to joke about having a fear that Dustin and I would someday have a family of 12 or so. These days I fear it less and have begun to wonder more if we haven't already begun our journey to buying in bulk, shopping at Goodwill and driving an Econoline Van.


Brooke said...

That was one of the sweetest videos I have ever seen! I laughed all the way through it, and at the end, I had tears. Children are such a blessing and even more than that, FAMILY is a blessing, the BIGGER, the BETTER!
More to love!

Jill Coen said...

Jen, that is hilarious! What a neat family with a sense of humor. Things people say never cease to surprise me. The ones prefaced with, "now tell me if this is too personal...", are the doozies. If you have to say that first a) we're probably not that close b) should you really ask it? We really should write some of them down and make a video! Too cute!!
jill :)

The Montee's said...

this is Hilarious!!! we all loved it over here. The kids were so cute and sweet!! thanx for sharing.

Apryl said...

How did I miss this? It is SO funny (I laughed even harder on the ones that I get asked). People have asked me if Ella and Eli are twins (duh, she's Asian, he's not, why is this difficult?)

Carpenters said...

Thank you for sharing that Jen! That was so funny. I have heard again and again, "you have your hands full!" and I only have two! Of course, that is usually when I am carrying both of them, the diaper bag, my purse, and trying to pay for whatever I just purchased. It's great though and I "wouldn't have it any other way."

With Love,