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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Red Letters Campaign- My Thoughts on the Paper Chase

I got the call from our doctors office that our letters are finished. Dustin is racing home as I type to pick up the final few docs to be certified at the SOS, then he will head to Kinkos (or a similar place) to make 3 copies of every sheet of paper needed for our dossier. Then, here is the good news: WE CAN MAIL OFF OUR DOSSIER!!

I am so excited. I can't believe we are finally finished with our paper chase. It has been a LONG 7 month 3 week and 6 day journey to the finish line but we made it, and I am still partially sane. Amazing.

I am so thankful for the friendly woman who answered the phone at our doctors office yesterday. She happened to be a notary (thank You Lord!) and was sympathetic to our cause. She got things done for us within 1 day ( a record time for this particular doctor's office...let me tell you!!) and I have no doubt that reaching her by phone was a gift from God and instrumental in making this happen so quickly.

I can think of many dear souls who have helped along the way. Strangers, who whether they realized it or not, were instrumental in helping us bring our son home and others who have now been touched by our journey, possibly in ways they never imagined either. The optometrist who ran next door from his office to our bank during his break to notarize my vision exam, the judge who signed and approved our Home Study mere days after we mailed it, the notary at the local FedEx store who notarized a slew of papers for us without charge just to be kind (who had a sibling who had adopted internationally), the pool inspector who was an adoptive father himself, and many others.

After looking at things more closely it's amazing to me to think of how God truly does connect us all together. Sometimes even the seemingly smallest connection can make a large impact. I recall the Lord's faithfulness in directing me to a new OB/GYN for our fourth pregnancy. How He knew we would miscarry the next two babies and how important having a Christian doctor to pray with me would be. Even more astounding is knowing that this doctor and his wife have adopted from China themselves. NOT A COINCIDENCE!!

Our adoption journey is still only half baked yet already I can see how beautifully GOD has orchestrated events and people around us. I can catch just a glimpse of the grander story; a slight moment of clarity in my vision when I gain just a bit of understanding about the tapestry He's weaving. All I can say is that it is good and I have never felt more alive....... or more blessed.


Rob & Candy said...

Jen- I LOVE it! I cannot wait to read that your dossier is on the way to AWAA.
You are almost there.
I'm so excited for you.

shawn and tisha said...

Yea!! I'm so excited for you, you are almost finished! God is so good!

Tisha (awaa yg)

Corrie H said...

Jen- I love what and how you share. Thanks for allowing us to journey beside you! In Love, your sis in Christ

Stacey said...

Amen! It's so awesome to see God doing such amazing things through this adoption. What an encouragement to look back and see His Hand in each and every step!

Carpenters said...

God's care and goodness is so amazing! Praise God for being so present during the paperchase. We are so excited that your dossier is off.

With Love,