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Thursday, October 15, 2009

It's a (dee-dah-doh) Date!

I've got the final visit with our SW on the books for Tues the 27th.

I'm not sure how long it will take her to type up our HS but I assume it's going to be relatively quick because 1) she's professional and prompt in all our dealings 2) she has the existing framework of our previous Home Study to work from. All she will need to do is update a few ages and add the changes in request to include A*'s special needs. I don't think it will take her more than 2 weeks to finish and submit to the courts.

As I mentioned before it seems the courts in our state are still returning HS approvals in about a month. If that's the case for us the timeline is proving true. Our dossier should make it to ET by Christmas. Which puts us on track for a court date in the new year and travel sometime early-mid spring.

On the home front the kids are all doing great. We're healthy once more. Finally! The girls are loving school and doing quite well. They've made lots of friends there too.

Yesterday Jonas strung his first two words together and said "it dropped." I was really excited. Of course the "it" was a huge glass of water which splashed all over the floor. Never mind the details, though.

Ever since Jo came home he's enjoyed a particular fondness for the consonant D. Jonas repeats his beloved consonant with various vowel combinations often throughout the day. De, Da, Doh, Duh, Doo, Day is his banter when he's really communicating something important to me. You should see his face. He's so serious about it. He does his Ethiopian head nod and cracks me up! Jonas loves the letter D so much that I'm thinkin' I need to get him a spot on Sesame Street when D is the letter of the day.

Because of his D obsession, dah-dee (daddy) was Jonas' first and favorite word. After learning how to say mah-mee he's now reverted to calling me daddy again. HAHAHA Now Dah-dee is back with a vengeance and, let me tell you, it's kind of embarrassing when, in public place, your son walks around pointing to people all over asking "Dah-dee?" A black man looked at me like "This poor child doesn't know who his daddy is." Then, he saw white momma and really wondered what the heck was going on! hahaha


Kari said...

Jen, love your blog!!! :) Its always an inspiration! Isn't it sooo fun to hear them start putting 2 words together. Hope we can see you the next time we are in your neighborhood! Praying you can raise the next big AW payment with no bumps!

Stacey said...

You crack me up!

Krista said...
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Krista said...

Love the comments on Jonas calling you Daddy. Interestingly enough (not to Jeff's amuzement at all) Eli went through a stage where he called us both Mama.

Ray and Lisa said...

So glad things are moving along for you to bring A* home soon! Your explanation of Jonas' obsession with the letter D cracked me up. Daddy is also our Jonas' favorite word and it usually gets paired with new phrases. For a long time he couldn't say "Hi Mama". He had to say "Hi daddymama" He's doing the same thing now with "Bye" and "OK". :)