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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

While I Was Away

I haven't been posting as much as usual. I've been sick and just plain busy.

We have officially begun our kitchen remodel. tomorrow marks my first day without any cooking appliances but for the microwave- my least used and most unappreciated appliance. It's a real challenge trying to come up with meals that don't require stove top cooking or baking. We won't be eating the healthiest of fair for the duration of the project.

Hubby hopes to have everything complete in two weeks. It's an ambitious goal considering he's doing most of the work himself. Drywallers come tomorrow to texture. Things stall over the weekend then Monday we hope the counter top installer will arrive. Tues our cabinet installer will come and we hope to have the kitchen operational before the following weekend. I will be tiling the floors but I'm in no hurry for that. I just need to have my stove back!

This remodel has been remarkable to say the least. When we moved into our home, almost 5 years ago now, we planned from the very beginning to remodel it top to bottom. We managed to do most of the interior but the kitchen was the most expensive and messiest project of all. Naturally we put it off until last. We assumed we'd get to it as soon as the other projects were completed. God had other plans as we made some financial commitments to our church. Then the adoption expenses followed along. And, so remained our kitchen, glaringly half torn apart. So NOT remodeled. I wondered if it would stay like that forever.

Dustin and I made a commitment not to go into debt over the remodel and everything we had done up to that point was paid for in cash, so we weren't about to go into debt over a kitchen. That left us with one option. We waited. I worked on being grateful for the home we had and not feeling embarrassed about the eye sore that was our funkified kitchen a la 1960.

About a year ago the opportunity came up to buy some cabinets (not my dream cabinets, mind you, but good solid wood cabinets) that a builder hand on hand and wasn't able to use. We took two homes worth of cabinets for $1200.00 (insanely cheap) and worked a kitchen plan around what was available to us. Since that time we've been storing them at our home in a large shed outback. That as much progress as we've made.

What if I told you that all of a sudden we found it possible to do our kitchen remodel for under $4000.00 dollars? You wouldn't believe me, I know, because I didn't believe my husband when he told me! The Lord has recently opened up the floodgates of blessing for us. Many building materials which were once so expensive have come down remarkably in price. Since my husband is in the construction trade (and he's one very generous dude when others need help) many friends have volunteered to do things for us for free or minimal cost which dramatically lowers our bottom line. I have had to make some adjustments to my expectations. (For we all know how grand our "dreams" can be) Truly, no compromise I make constitutes roughing it. No, roughing it is what I've been doing in my retro kitchen (and not the cool kind) for the last three years.

One way we've cut expenses is to do granite tile counter tops instead of granite slabs. A friend of Dustin's is giving us the tile at cost so it becomes and even bigger bargain for us. I had originally wanted a 36" range but those are ridiculously expensive and hard to find so we are keeping our relatively new 36" electric cooktop (which was given to us 3 years ago) and I found a new Dacor convection oven to be installed below the counter top for a STEAL of a deal at $550.00. (Incidentally now is the time to buy appliances. Websites like Craigslist are chock full of people heading into foreclosure trying to make a fast buck by selling off their appliances. There are major deals to be had folks!)

Needless to say this kitchen remodel is supernaturally blessed. I have to say, though, that it makes me wonder. One of our primary reasons for desiring to finish our home was to get it in a position to sell if need be. With economic times being what they are, being self employed as we are it's important for us to be able to get out if the need arises. We've considered selling it just so we can buy a less expensive and smaller home to ready ourselves for any financial storms as we've watched many a competitor close their doors around us. That's why the current events make me raise an eyebrow heavenward. I wonder what the Lord's plans are for this family moving forward. What does He want us to do with these blessings?

For right now He reminds me once again of His great faithfulness and provision. I'm glad we waited on him.


Stacey said...

Jen, I know how patiently you've waiting for your new kitchen and I've never heard you complain. I think it's great the patience you've shown in waiting. Now God is blessing you for making those commitments to following Him and trusting His plan for your life! You deserve it!!

Julie said...

I am so excited for you guys. If you need help tiling the floor give me a ring - I'm here for ya!

Brooke said...

Woooooooooooooooo-hoooooooooooooooo! God is awesome even in the small things! I am so glad for you to finally have this done. I know it has been on your heart, and never to hear a complaint but to hear your hopes and dreams, just makes it such a huge blessing from God. He does care about the desires of our hearts, He is amazing!!!!

Amber said...

AWesome, that is so exciting to get a kitchen makeover!

Terri Tiffany said...

Are you doing before and after pictures? We redid ours a few years ago--only the tile and countertops and my husband is a builder too so that really helps:) Are you holding up ok in this recession with it?