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Friday, April 24, 2009

Live Like You Were Dying

Our Church is doing a series by the same name and while I was reading through the biography of Matthew Henry I came across this excerpt of a sermon made by an influential teacher in his life. It seems they did the same series also.

...Let the thought that you will be brought to death call off your affections from the things below. Redeem the time. Make your peace with God, and be reconciled to Him. You should not go to bed in wrath against others; and will you go to your graves in enmity against God? Be content with what you have. Be frequent in thinking of your removal. If you do but remove on earth you take care. Be as useful and profitable as you can, for when you are brought to death your work will be over. Be careful to be making preparations for it. We live to learn to die. Our business is not to get riches, honours, or pleasures, but that we may depart in peace with God. Every corpse is a sermon; every tomb a teacher; every funeral an oration- to persuade you to learn to die.

-Thomas Doolittle September 19, 1680