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Sunday, April 5, 2009


Things and looking up as Hubby and I have worked all day to make the necessary adjustments. I won't pretend we didn't bicker often today but through it all we worked as a team and consequently made progress. Granted, it's back tracking progress so it doesn't feel quite so gratifying. But, I'll take it.

I will say that life is so much easier when you can order cabinets to fit your space rather than amend your space to fit your cabinets. Because we bought these items from a builder who came in and took over a tract home development after foreclosure the builder had no idea who manufactured the cabinets, thus no way for us to order the odds and ends pieces that would have prevented so many of our headaches. We've had to custom build some things and that's laughable when I think about it because carpenters we definitely are NOT!

Tecno-Nanna Commented that she loves to watch the remodel shows on HDTV to see the pickles people get themselves into and then ultimately out of. Well, our day would have made for some great TV. I've been trying to come up with a suitable title for today's episode. I think I'll go with Deja Vu Remodel. Okay, it's not that good but I'm not going to spend any more time trying to think of a better one (Not that you're not totally worth it. It's just that 1) I have to get back in there and help Hubs and 2) my brain is pretty fried anyway)

We still haven't gotten things straightened out for the drywallers. I think I'll have coffee and doughnuts here for them tomorrow. :-)


Zack, Rebecca and Caleb Caldwell said...

We have been there! I think we never argued as much as when we have done remodeling! Just something about it :)

Stacey said...

Hang in there Jen! Can't wait to see some pictures of the kitchen when it's complete. Actually, maybe I'll just come by and check it out :o)

Technonana said...

Hi Sweet Jen!! I am so glad that you are making progress!! I never doubted that you could do it, it just takes time for us to learn the lessons of life, like TEAMWORK.
It's always easier to get where we are going when we work together!
Praying that you grow closer as this project progresses!! I know it will be more than you even expected it to be!!