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Monday, February 25, 2008

Why do we go to Palm Valley?

Because the pastors do things like this (I love this one): Check out Pastors Ryan and Daniel spittin' the rhymes.

Nobody takes himself too seriously:


The Journey Begins Here said...

How old are the Pastors who make the video? It was a lot of fun. People think that religion has to be so starch. My pastor is casual. Last week walked in wearing his black leather jacket. He had his casual blue sweater and jeans. He plays the guitar and sings. Just a regular guy.

Thanks for the comments. God is amazing. He puts forevers in our hearts! It's LOVE, whether it is a baby inside of us, a one hour newborn or a husband of 40 years. We just don't want it to ever end. I am thankful that God is in charge. He is my Rock. I just couldn't ever imagine standing on my own 2 feet!

Jen said...

Daniel is Pastor of Compassion Minitries and Ryan is sorta floating around as Mr. see a need, meet a need (I don't know his title but he manages the hometeams of our church among a muriad of other tasks.) Both are 30 something (Daniel may be 29). We have a large staff at our church. The lead Pastor is in His 40's and is a casual dude too. It makes for a comfortable atmostphere. I just love the sense of humor our church has.

Brooke said...

Okay so you know I am a woman that finds ages and I use any means to do so.... So Greg is 38, Ryan is 30, and Daniel is 28. I'm sure if they are like women, they would not want to be older!
I am so glad you found the videos. They are terrific! Love your new look. It fits!
Love you,