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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Ticker changed... yup, you guessed it, AGAIN

Guess what. Our number in line for a referral is 59. AWAA goes by when they receive your dossier at corporate. I am not sure if that is back to our original Jan 7th date or the Jan 27th date but I am going to just go ahead and put it for the 7th. I like that date so well simply because it's a nice even number when combined with the date we began this adoption process with our application sent in online to AWAA May 7, 2007. It makes things easier and I am not going to freak over a few days.

I know the Lord will have that referral land in our laps just exactly when He's good and ready. I admit, though, that it feels good to be in line and know our place in it.

All the families at our agency are so supportive of each other. I am amazed at the level of support and encouragement that is offered all around. I don't think any of us looks at each other as competetion (what a blessing!) but more like family. We are all pulling for each other. Praying, fasting, hoping and finally rejoicing for each other!

Whenever a referral is handed down we are simply beside ourselves with excitement. And, don't even get us started on successful court dates! Those mean pictures! Oh, and LOTS of tears of joy! If only you could see our YG. It's so loving and Christ honoring. Oh that all the world could share in what we are blessed to have going on in the AWAA Yahoo Group!


Karen said...

Hey Jen,
They're probably going off the 1/7 date. We had 99% of our dossier in on 1/22 and the last document in on 1/23 and our dossier # is 64.

Either way, WUHOO! I'm glad all our papers arrived safely. :)
(your AWAA dossier to Ethiopia roomie, haha)

Susie said...

It's exciting to see hear about the progress!

Rob & Candy said...

YAH! I love that you have your number and you've "moved up" a bit.
I'm with you, I am sooo excited about the referral today and the court dates.
Praising Jesus

Stacey said...

It makes me want to jump out of my office chair and shout for joy! I'm just so excited and thrilled for you guys. Oh the day when you get that picture of your sweet little boy... I can't imagine the shouts and dancing that will be coming from your house :o) I can't wait Jen!!