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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Oh my, that's a lotta


..... and paper. I should own stock in Hallmark! We are running out of room for all our Christmas cards.

Thanks so much to everyone who loving sent us cards and pictures. I love walking by them and thinking of you!

I plan on making everyone who comes over jealous by showing them how popular we are!! I think I'll say something like, " so did you notice how many Christmas cards we've got? I bet you don't have that many do you? No, you don't..... That's because we've got the best and most organized friends ever!"

I'll say that AND, "......I've got more friends than you do, I've got more friends than you do!" HEHEHEHE. OK that's not very nice, so I'll just think it instead.


Carpenters said...

I'll be taking a picture of our Christmas cards soon and then we'll see who has more friends. Wait, did I just type that out loud? I mean, you are truly loved, Jen.

With love,

Jen said...

Come on, bring it! I'll take you on!


You're funny Penelope!

Stacey said...

You're a nut! I missed this post somehow. You have way more than us for sure. We didn't have time to send cards or letters this year. Maybe next year :o)