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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Red Letters Campaign- Another Hiccup

It's the name of the game folks.... DELAYS. I just remembered in the midst of our mounds of paperwork that we have been waiting since November for the court to rewrite the Police Clearance letters for Dustin and myself separately (as opposed to the single letter the have written for us so far). So far our HS Coordinator has been unsuccessful at trying to get them for us. I guess the courts don't want anything to do with us once they've pushed us through. (Hmmm I wonder if that's how the Lord compelled them to finish our case so quickly. Maybe he put a bad taste in their mouths for our family and so they want nothing more to do with us? Just kidding!)

So to recap, here's what we need:

1) Jen's Birth Cert. Certified by the SOS (out of state)
2) Separate Police Clearance letters from the AZ courts
3) Original letters from our physician following up our physical exams.

Dustin seems to think that he can head down to the courts tomorrow and just ask them to write the letters. I love his enthusiasm but I tend to be a pessimist and I'm thinking they might say, "and WHO are you?" You never know, though, Dustin can be pretty convincing and tenacious when he needs to be. He may just get what he wants tomorrow.

Just in case, I have an email into our HS Corrd to she what progress she's made, though I assume it's none otherwise I would have heard from her.

Yup, that Dec 21st deadline for dossiers to be in at AWAA seems SUPER unattainable right about now. No worries. We are still ahead of schedule the way I see it.


Kim said...

Hi, I stumbled upon your blog. I am also in Az. I hear you on the delay thing it is a part of the game. I wish you well and I added you to my blogspot. I would like to keep in touch.

E said...


We did just walk down to the court for our police clearance letters. So there's hope! It took all of 5 minutes once we got there. But, Dustin might not be able to get yours without you present. For us, we each had to fill out a short form & sign it (and we needed our IDs).

Hope it works out today!


Carpenters said...


I'm sorry to hear about the delays. We are lifting you up in prayer, praying that you can get all these done quickly. Was Dustin able to get the police clearance letters? I do hope so.

With love,