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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Our Little Guy

We received an update on A*. We knew he was small. Now we know just exactly how small he is.

A* weighs a feathery light 28 pounds. He stands in at 31.9 inches tall. At approximately 4 years of age A* is close in size to his brother Jonas at 26 months of age.

It's hard on a momma's heart to see words like wasting and stunted attached to her child. I really want my son home so we can work on getting him growing nice and strong.

Many children experience a quick turn around with proper medical treatment, nutrition, and love and affection from parents. It's termed the Lazarus Effect because of the dramatic improvement. Children who were on the brink begin to flourish.

It's our prayer A* will experience rapid growth upon coming home, too.

May 27th. That's our day in court. Please pray with us we pass and that the US embassy conducts a speedy investigation, issuing us an ambassy appointment quickly.


Josh, Candace and Cole said...

Oh my, we'll be praying your little A* comes home VERY SOON! Can't wait to see him flourishing at home in your fam :)

Dana said...

Your court date has been on my mind a lot lately and I am praying you pass and can bring A* home VERY SOON!

Carpenters said...

Just one more week. We'll be praying. I can't wait to see A* home with you.


Joe & Sarah McDaniel said...

praying you pass this week - can't wait to see more pics of your beautiful, precious son!!