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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Jen's Playlist

Generally, in the "family" worship category of Christian music the term is used quite loosely. I've learned it's best to keep my expectations relatively low. Usually when I've purchased "family" titles they have tended to be poorly written, annoyingly produced children's songs that only kids can enjoy. The family aspect seems to point to the fact that parents will have to willingly suffer through an entire album worth of kids screeching and funny animal voices, or something of the sort. You know, the kind of "family" music that makes parents shout praises when the music finally stops.

That's why I felt it was important to share some family worship music I believe is worth your time. It occurred to me that I've never recommended Seeds Family Worship here at the old blog-o so I thought I'd pop on to tell you that I heartily recommend them.

We have the seeds of Purpose, Faith and Praise CDs. There is also a Courage title and an Power of Encouragement ( I plan to pick those up ASAP). The verses from Scripture all address the theme of the titles. The songs on the three titles we own are tastefully arranged, in an adult theme with children accompanying professional vocalists.... Like I said, I've come to really love some of these songs not only for their Scripture content but for their musical appeal.

This week as I've been in prayer often I've desired to be wrapped up in the Word continually but I've found that my eyes wore out before my appetite was satisfied. So, I've turned to the Seeds CDs as my dessert course.

If you listen let me know what you think.


kristin said...


I just had to check this out and loved it! I got Seeds of Faith for Madison. I love how non corny it is. Thanks for posting this!

beBOLDjen said...

Non corny. That's the perfect description for it!