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Monday, August 17, 2009

Leaving the Water Park (aka Saying Goodbye)

I have this friend, this bright ray of sunshine, who burst onto the scene during a time of life when I was experiencing deep loss and sorrow. We had only had a few conversations prior to the day when this dear gave me a tap on the shoulder in church service one Sunday after a devastating event. I will never forget the beaming smile I was faced with as I turned around or the good strong tug toward her loving, Southern-style embrace. It's as if my dearest friend-to-be had picked my sorry behind up of the floor, dusted me off and poured some joy into my ragged old soul in that instant. How could I not come to completely adore a woman like that!? As our friendship has grown so has our love for each other.

This particular friend of mine uses an expression often. She likes to say that the two of us are "on the same bus". She uses it to mean we're headed the same direction in life. And, she's right. This woman is a friend who has shared many conversations with me about our heart's desires. She's the kind of friend that has prayed with me on hands and knees with foreheads to the floor. We have logged many hours laughing hard together and enjoying each other's company. Our children are friends and so are our husbands.

I admire my friend for so many reasons. She is one of the most genuine followers of Christ I know. She walks the walk. She's done some HARD work in her life to follow after her Saviour and I LOVE HER FOR IT! I admire her boldness, her zeal, her belief in redemption, and her willingness to forgive those who sin against her. I admire her for her love. (If you're thinking she sounds pretty terrific you are right!)

Much like the crash after a sugar buzz or the sunburn after a fun filled day at the beach, in this lifetime good things come to an end. I listened to a sermon recently where the dad talked to his son about why he couldn't live at the water park forever. The Father told his heartbroken son that they had to leave because until that Final Day we can only enjoy breaks and times of enjoyment partially. He explained how such things are used for our refreshment here on earth, but that there is more work to be done and we have to press on, for our time of complete rest will be after Christ's second coming. He encouraged his son to look forward to all of the joys he currently found in the water park to be included in eternity. That then all he longed for in the water park would be perfected in the presence of God with his people.

As I type through tears my dear friend is about to get off at the next stop and switch rides. The Lord has handed her a ticket for a new set of wheels. She and her fabulous family are moving out of state heading into a brand new life full of exciting adventures that only the Lord yet knows. They have people to love and care for in their future. They have the name of Christ to lift up so that He will draw others unto Himself. And so, I'm beyond excited for them because I KNOW they are making progress and headed toward even more fruitfulness in their lives.


But, I just don't know how I'm gonna stand it when she's so far away. I don't know how often she and I will be able to see each other in the future and that makes me SAD! Much like the boy and his water park I'm not keen on leaving behind all the fun. It's times like these I long for eternity and the abolishment of the word goodbye! You better believe I've already got my request in with the Lord to have our front porches facing each other. The only problem is my dear friend is such a WONDERFUL, AMAZING, LOVING friend I know for a fact that there is a LONG line of folks wanting to be her neighbour, because she's awesome like that. So, I may have to share that coveted front porch slot with a few others. I don't mind, though, because I'm sure many of those people will be folks that have come to know Jesus through her witness. That's just how my Peep rolls.

So, to my super awesome, dear friend I suggest that there is a flaw in your analogy. It seems the times, well, they are a changin' and we won't be riding on the same bus anymore. It's been such a joy and a blessing to share this time with you! Words cannot express what a good time it's been. You'll always be in my heart and on my mind. Brooke, I'm just glad to be rolling in the same direction together. Even if we'll be riding in two different vehicles from now on.

I love you friend!