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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Came To My Rescue

There are few songs I love as much as the one below by Hillsong United. I chose this video because it includes the lyrics I love so much. The only thing I regret is that this video ends abruptly because it does not include the beautiful "A Reprise" that follows on the CD (United We Stand) so you'll have to purchase them on iTunes if you want to hear the whole deal.

Sassy Granny wrote a great post today. In my mind what she wrote went hand in hand with so much of what Dustin and I were studying last night regarding idol worship (Isa 44). It's scary to me to read that chapter and realize how humanity can chase after false gods with such devotion and intensity that our hearts can completely delude us. If I'm going to be seeking I'd like to know that I'm seeking the One True God. If I'm not seeking Him and am, instead, tracking idols then I want the LORD to shake my delusions loose and put me on His scent instead.

At times I feel so desperate over my endless capacity to sin. It's tempting to feel like I'll never see the day when Christ truly rules on the throne of my heart ENTIRELY. But then I remember that it was He Who saved me. He sought me out. And, He came to my rescue!

Thank you Jesus!