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Thursday, October 11, 2007

On the Bright Side

well I heard some better news from our Family Coordinator. It looks like once the Dossier is submitted there are only two papers which can expire. the I-171 form and the Homestudy both of which are valid for approx a year and a half. It wouldn't matter if we submitted our dossier to ET within a month of the other paperwork expiring. Once these items are in, they're "good" and don't expire.

That was good to hear. I would have dreaded having to redo our physicals, etc. Our Family Corrd. assured us we wouldn't be waiting long enough for our HS and I-171 forms to expire. So we're good on that front.

The bad news is that it looks like the wait time is pretty accurate. The only hope we have is that somehow since we've begun the process with USCIS by filing our I600-A form early and already been fingerprinted our approval may come in approx. 6 weeks instead of 12. Still not so hot considering the AZ courts are fully expected to take the full 3 months.

I really do trust God's timing. I will wait for our child however long the Lord has ordained. It's so hard for our girls to understand this waiting. Just the other day Rienne told me that it must have been her fault we had to wait so long because, "this whole adoption thing was my idea."

That is one fine example of age appropriate magical thinking for ya! I reminded her that, "Rienne, mom and dad made the decision to adopt before we ever told you and your sisters. God told us that it was his plan for our family, so mom and dad obeyed. That's why we are waiting today. It's all a part of God's plan. Remember?"

"Oh, yea." she said as she jumped off to join her sisters in play.

My response to Rienne had me thinking, though. It seems sometimes even we adults fall prey to magical thinking. Somehow I've come to think that this whole thing rests on my shoulders. That I MUST get this done or that done in "time" or things will be horribly delayed. That my poor child will have to wait even longer for rescue mommy to show up on the scene and save the day in the nick of time. It's seems I have had a bit of amnesia lately. That I've forgotten Who really has our adoption timeline in His hands.

So I am resolving to go ahead and let God be God and just trust that He's got it all under control. I choose to trust that our son is in the care of his Heavenly Father and that when it's time he'll be in our care too. Until then we all find ourselves pacing back and forth past that empty room dreaming of the child who will occupy it one day.

One day son, not TOO long from now........


Kari said...

Jen, I LOVE your blog and appreciate you sharing your heart!! I know exactly how you're feeling and the only thing that got me thru to DTE was a daily renewal that God knows exactly when Zoie will be ours!! Its an incredibly challenging journey!! Whew! You know we're praying for you!! Love ya lots!!
Kari (awaa)

Stacey said...

Well, we'll just continue to pray about all of it. We know what God can do when we leave these things in His hands! I love these updates!

I love that Rienne thought it was her idea! She is something else :o)

Carpenters said...

Jen, what a great reminder of how adults too can fall prey to magical thinking. I do tend to think that if I don't get such-and-such done things will fall apart. I'm learning that I have to do my part, but let God work in His time, the time when His blessings flow. Thank you for the reminder. I'm told all the "labor" pains of the wait are soon forgotten when the little babes are in our arms. I pray that will be true for you.

With love,

Kari said...

Jen, lets pray like the "widow" in Luke 18!!!! Re-reading what you wrote again, renewed my heart!! You're right, God has His perfect timing, but He always wants us to cry out and share our needs. I think we need a week of coming together as a YG & lifting up an army of prayers to Him. We won't give up until all our children (your son!) is home!
Thanks for sharing such an amazing story!